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Name: Jude

Location: York, England


Favourite Movies: Hannibal, Cabaret, Deatry Rides Again, Ghostbusters 2, Hairspray, Frida, Titus, Indiana Jones.

Favourite Music: Munly Munly, Curtis Eller, Slim Cessna;s Auto Club, Ben Wetherill, Rev. Glasseye, Be Good Tanyas, Viking Moses, Morrissey, New Model Army... You get the picture.

Favorite Decade & Why: Definitely the twenties... The brief burst of glory post-war and pre-depression... Such an important decade for music, social development, cinema, fashion.

Bury me with... Nowt... I want to be buried in the foetal position in a big bastard banjo...

Sorry my lovelies.. I havent got a paid account so it won't let me add a picture, unless anyone has any tips?
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