jessica (jessiaka) wrote in vintagedolls,

yet another new gal :D

Hey ladies! Just thought I'd introduce myself :D

Name: Jessica

Location: Currently in South Korea, but am from Kelowna, BC, Canada

Loves: black eyeliner, pencil skirts, cute handbags, shoes, dresses (if you can't tell, I adore clothes lol...), cute children, lollipops, pinup photos, burlesque (I'd love to start performing it one day, as I'm a dancer and could come up with some neat stuff!)

Favourite Movies: You're all going to kick my ass for this, but I don't really enjoy movies. My fave is "chicago" and that's more of a musical... :)

Favourite Music: I love all music except for country. No joke, from jazz to r&b to ethnic music, everywhere and inbetween! As long as it's not country.

Favorite Decade & Why: I adore the '40's, but anywhere in the '30's to '50's I quite enjoy. I just love how polished the women always looked, and the style of clothing. I really like evening gowns from the '30's... they're just gorgeous- so sleek and long, it's sexy. Also, the beautiful art of burlesque was popular in that era. <3

Bury me with... my favourite black flower (for wearing in my hair) and some great shoes.

(my bangs are a bit funny cause the wind blew them lol)
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